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This article was first published by Softpedia.

In 2016, CB Insights, a company specialized in analyzing the venture capital market, estimates that 36 unicorns have the necessary momentum to file for an IPO.

“Unicorn” is a term used in the tech venture capital market that describes a tech start-up that has the potential of achieving a valuation of over $1 billion when it goes public.

With every venture capital firm hunting unicorns left and right, CB Insights has published the 2016 Tech IPO Pipeline report, which provides insight in the tech capital market for 2016, and also lists 36 tech unicorns that are on the brink of going public during next year.

To compile its list of tech unicorns, CB Insights has looked at social media hype, mentions in high-profile news outlets, traffic stats, and of course, ongoing business deals.

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