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As a small business, you’re unlikely to have the same sort of budget that Nike or even Nando’s has. And you can see the money they have in the quality of their advertisements. They’re excellent. More importantly, they seem to work.

Just because you don’t have those kinds of budgets, it doesn’t mean you should ignore the rules these successful marketers live by. In fact, without the budget to make the same splash, you can’t afford to ignore the secrets of these campaigns.

So, what secrets can you employ in your marketing campaigns?

Make Them Memorable and Identifiable

This is super important. And, you can’t just stop at a significant line (or hashtag). You don’t want someone to confuse your ad with another business. You need to strike a balance between something so revolutionary that people can’t ignore your campaign and advertisements that match your brand and messaging.

Show How Your Product or Service Fits


People can place themselves in any story or scene as long as you demonstrate it well enough. It’s actually a psychological trick known as grounded cognition, and it works. Brands like Nike use this all the time. Tell a story and show how your product makes that story better. Your product will fit itself into the lives of your target market naturally.

Stand for Something Bigger than the Product

All good marketing campaigns say something more about the world than just the way their product works. It can be satirical, inspirational, or even decidedly emotional. What your marketing campaign should never be is just the way your product works. If this is your focus, your brand isn’t going to benefit from your marketing campaign.

And, when you can, back these secrets with even more content on your website. Give, give, give away as much information and material as you can. In today’s world of testimonials and social sharing, you need to give potential customers a reason to keep coming back to your brand and your website. Remember, you shouldn’t give away your key business or your secrets, but you can’t just market your product in today’s economy.

It’s a delicate balance, as you may have guessed. But we can certainly help.