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Website design conveys your corporate personality

Remember the first, basic websites you encountered when you just began your web addiction? More than likely, you remember lengthy pages filled with copy, almost unreadable serif fonts and a sprinkling of images. There are still a few websites that look like that today. And how much do you trust them? If they haven’t invested in their business, why should you?

It’s clear that your website needs to be up-to-date, but there’s something else your online experience should tell you – we’ve become very, almost immeasurably visually oriented. Just look at Pinterest growth over the past few years. Think about Instagram and how easy it is to add images to Facebook and Twitter now.

As we have become more visual, the need for website design has increased. It’s gotten to the point where website design isn’t just a luxury any longer. Need a few more reasons to indulge your site design fantasies? We’ve got three you need to consider now.

Your Brand Is Unique; Your Website Should Be Too

Everyone has a website now, and we know children that can code. People can recognise repetitive templates and know as soon as they look at a site whether they’re comfortable with your brand. However, if you can’t stand out from your competitors, there is nothing to commend your brand over the others. Even if you use a custom WordPress template (ensuring that it’s mobile-friendly of course), you’ll still need to alter it to fit the unique qualities of your brand. You’ll lose customers if you don’t.

Your Website MUST Fit Your Business Goals

It’s true that you need a website if you have a business. That’s how people vet your company and services. It’s how they link to your brand and figure out how to contact you.

But, you can’t just put up any old website. Your website should match your business goals. Whether your aim is to draw in new customers or provide a sales platform, your website should facilitate those objectives. A standard website, set on a plain background isn’t going achieve your expectations. Of course, this means you will need to spend time assessing your business goals before re-designing your website, but it will make the brief to your designer that much better.

Navigation Is Crucial on the Front and Back Ends of Your Site

Users expect to find what they want quickly and easily. You need to do the same whenever you wish to add a blog post or update your information. It’s true that you can do this relatively easily with a quality template, but you want to make it as obvious as possible.

And, you want a website that people will be happy to pin, post and share. If you can’t say all this about your current website design, then it’s time to upgrade (or formalise your business goals). And just a quick word, a landing page with contact details will always get you further than a poorly designed website while you wait for the re-launch of your site.